Front Row Seats, Backstage Pass :: Fame Kills: How Kanye West x Lady Gaga killed a concert, and created a culture

This year we were granted a front row ticket and a backstage pass to the greatest show on Earth: this year, we lived Fame Kills – proof that the revolution will not be televised, it will be realized; Kanye West and Lady Gaga are a revolutionary renaissance for a rebellious renaissance-era. Follow me down the Pop path, a Monster’s memory lane where the Glitter Way meets Elm St… where Fame Kills was not a concert, but rather an immaculate conception:

“We’re on each end of the stage and I want to get to where he is – which is The Fame; and he wants to get to where I am – which is humble beginnings. The whole show we’re battling each other, because I have something that he wants and he has something that I want: that’s the storyline behind the structure of the show…”

Curtains Up:VMA Night (Act One) #CruelSummerSummerTime

Humbling the most famous man on Earth

and hailing in a new reigning deity

So it begins… and so they move in succession to solidify the other’s place…

Autumn Winterland (Act Two):

We watched her grab The Glory – not step-by-step, but leap-by-bound – battling bad romances, cutting the cord, killing the hypercelebrity culture, shutting the doors on the beautiful people, exalting the freaks, warring demons and death in all its forms, while still creating and finding the art in it all, defying the space-time continuum and 15-minute lifespan: deifying herself to the top of Pop’s pantheon (because you couldn’t ether Madonna… could you?)

All the while running tandem with her husband in art… leading all things “of the fashion” and a la mode by learning from the best

Despite all of their stellar achievements in the music business, it seems the one thing both Lady Gaga and Kanye West most desire is in fact a chance to work in the fashion industry. Together, they may have sold over 50 million records but as far as their ambitions go, the sky is the limit and there just is no holding these two back, even if it means venturing off into uncharted territory.


And so we thought about Kanye every now and then, as he went home again – starting from scratch, finding solace in his comfort zone, recharging and re-energizing for the rebirth: from fashion internships in Rome and Tokyo, to studio sessions in Hawaii, he stabilized his personal life, and became the Louis Vuitton Don of domesticity… crafting a home in strides towards a cultural castle.

Primavera Found (Act Three):

Then came the Spring, and so came the Summer; then came the return, and so came the revival. If Kanye and Gaga are the embodiment of self-made Fame, the new anti-celebrity that finds the hybrid in immortalized Pop-preeminence and common humanity, where is the hybrid between citizen and celebrity – where is that medium?


Social media – oh right, because while you were sleeping: they kind of took that over too… she kind of mustered up a monster army becoming the first person to hit 1 billion YouTube views, 10 million Facebook fans, and 6 million Twitter followers… while he kind of held court at Facebook and Twitter headquarters – and took over the Twittasphere one tweet at a time #ohhainewmonarchy

Native Summer (Act Four):

Here we are now, leaning on the Fall, back on the brink of Pop’s crystal ball – the VMAs – looking back, looking ahead, looking down, and looking point-blank in the face of the Post-Apocalypse – where The Fame killed fame …


from humble beginnings


When all the world’s a stage, and we are merely players… why on Earth would two of the most spectacular entities of all limit themselves to an arena any less prominent than the globe? Last year the greatest show you couldn’t believe, became the greatest show ever conceived – and just as swiftly became the greatest show never to see the light of day – only to become the most glorious mourning, and the greatest show money could never buy. The tandem didn’t cancel the concept, they canceled convention, and resurrected culture.

#mytwocents: Art Lives; Fame Kills; Revolution Resurrects – get it how you live it #pawsupforpower

Watch this Space


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