BlinkkPiece: Ke$ha – “Sleazy” (Remix) ft. Andre 3000

2011 keeps getting better with each passing play… off the heels of Ophiuchus comes the tale of two outkasts, as Andre 3000 joins Ke$ha on her bombastic “Sleazy” remix. Sit back and listen to the sounds of Southern scorch – nom: sonic Jambalaya.

Sleazy” was a Cannibal standout, coming in after “We R Who We R,” the title track, and “Blow” as the Apopcalyptic album’s fourth horseman track. Bangladesh brought a true urban feel to “Sleazy,” blending Cannibal‘s Drum N Bass sound with his signature bonafide street tone. Ke$ha enlists on Daddy Fat Stacks himself for the remix to harness that tone and bless her throne. The duo bring a Rhett and Scarlett back-and-forth to the track, with their tangy smooth Southern flow over cold 808 drums and dense jungle bass. It’s a remix, not for the sake of a quick hit, but because this New South needs a pop anthem. The “Sleazy” remix perfectly blends Ke$ha’s Nashville twang with Andre 3000’s Sweet Georgia Brown timbre – these stars drop bars.

This crazy lady named Kesha is guessing my Mercedes
Would be all new and through through, but its the 1980′s
But now that we are cool cool, she sippin’ Irish Baileys
She say “Stacks, you’re true blue?”
I said “Nah, I’m Navy”
I call her Kesha, she like it, because it’s hood to her
She call me Andre 6000 cause I’m good to her

#mytwocents: The original finds Bangladesh’s signature urban swelter flowing through Ke$ha’s animalistic veins; from her debut to Cannibal we saw a concerted effort to focus in on a sound, a scene, and identity – not fragmented but collective, not vague but Southern Hazy, not trashy but tangible. “Sleazy” didn’t capstone that shift, but catalyzed her ascent and set the trend for her new year. “Sleazy” alone was brilliant, it is Ke$ha’s song to set the record straight: she’s not the new Britney, she’s not the dirty Gaga of Pop – Ke$ha is the Ke$ha of Pop:

Me and all my friends, we don’t buy bottles, we bring ‘em. We take the drinks from the tables when you get up and leave ‘em – and I don’t care if you stare, and you call us scummy ’cause we ain’t after your affection, and sure as Hell not your money, honey.

: period. Where she is like Britney is in her Southern core. She’s the face of Cashville, Tennekee – the halfway-hood princess of Nashville: ever since she can remember she’s been unpopping collars, staying fly, and breaking bottles. Andre 3000 comes in for the cosign, not as Flo-Rida, but as the Deep South Don; when he comes out of hiding, all ears seek his sound: hark – Ke$ha is the belle of the New South.

Watch this space: Rat-a-tat-tat on your dum-dum drum; Daddy stacks so fat, there is no question – only answers #this

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