BlinkkPiece: Lady GaGa – “Animal (Jungle Claws)” Demo (Produced by Darkchild)

Yep… just… yep… Two weeks into 2011 and we’ve already got new Yeezy, Hov, and Britney, plus Andre 3000 on a Ke$ha remix in case you were worried about Pop #dontbe. Just in time for the weekend, Gaga rounds out the cavalry with the drum-laden Darkchild-produced “Animal” demo – so kick up your feet, put up those paws, and get wild.

Classic Darkchild: stop-and-go staccato, deep bass and synth strobes, effortlessly paralleled instrumental and lyrical dialogue – unconventional, but highly communicable viral beats. Classic Gaga: simple lyrics, systematic delivery, monotone repetition, subtle steady escalations with increased definition, elemental and enveloping everything, omnipresent voyeur/exhibitionist vantage:

I can see the way that you’re looking at me, like you’re hungry and I am the only thing that you see; won’t tame you, love the way you’re watching me.

Together, the tandem create a black panther track prowling through the aural Amazon. This song is modern jungle fever – it’s basic, it builds, it breathes, it swelters, it designates and dominates tricks; in a nutshell: call it what you want, but call it – because it’s never too busy to get busy. #pawsupheaddown

I like what’s going on this year – a lot. We have an oddly organic unity within Pop, there’s a collective consciousness. Cannibal carved a nice niche space between Blackouts sound and The Fame Monster’s structure – like Ophiuchus, between the past Pisces and the blueprinted Aquarius. There’s a consistency in modern Pop; Gaga, Britney, and Ke$ha spearhead the brigade as Amazonians leaving the shell of monstrosity behind towards an evolved creature. We had a blacked out Circus freak, a famous monster, and a cannibalistic animal – all mutant mistresses; now we’ve progressed a bit into a place of early humanity – in the shadow of said circus freak’s transformative return, here Gaga’s gone from an inhuman monster to animal, where Ke$ha went from an animal to a cannibal… and so it goes. It’s still raw, and primal, but there’s a passion to the unrefined – a spark, a soul, a sign of something more. They’ll mature, sure, but for now… enjoi the evolutionary process. All is unfolding nicely in this new Pop pasture.


DOWNLOAD: Lady Gaga – “Animal” (Produced by Darkchild)

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