Vinyl Cut Prose: “Beautiful (Inside Out)” Britney Spears x Alexxx (Mash-Up)


Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves…

#mindvomit The antidote, the venom, the anti-Inside Out… the cause and cure… remove the death and danger by facing the cobra head on… when what you see what you lack, and selfish love goes back to black… it takes but a mere glance in the shattered glass to change one back… Britney manifest here by manipulation – seemingly for the first time ever, for her own good – to see her fragmented self as wholly true and entirely blue… tiful

Sittin in the mirror gettin’ pretty… when the fairest of them all met the most fatally feminine fall…



Dr. Luke becomes an aural Darren Aronofsky, producing a sonic landscape where Britney’s voice lingers as the pneuma in a world of perpetual descent, digital raindrops fall between heavy bass and dark ambient sounds… in Spears’ world since celebrity, all she has known is a world flipped upside-down… a life lived inside-out.


A bad romance – heavily damaged but never quite done – between three… it’s a haunting aural love triangle between she, he, and the omnipresent voyeuristic we…

Subterranean self-perception… beneath the heel of her every controller, everyone at the helm, every sir storm cloud at the base of her ever-elusive silver lining… resting at the soul of her only wish… to be seen as an eternally broken baby, beautiful in her skewed sapient seniority… Stratospheric sonicscapes – so dark, so humanly divine… so intangibly innate to the any listener… life, love, and the eternal pursuit for truth within both spheres… day in, day out, from dusk until dawn, this engimatic animal never rests… this uncanny creature who has seen the best and worst of it all… continues to push along and love this second life to death… #somekindofbluetiful #somekindoffine


So come on

Diamond, diamond
Shinin’, shinin’
Ooh boy
You so fine
Gotta be the finest thing
That I seen in my life
I will pay whatever
Just to get a better view
And yeah, your body looks so sick
I think I caught the flu

So come on
Look at you
Be my sweetie
Be my honey tonight

You must be B-I-G
Because you got me hypnotized
Whoever said that beauty’s on the inside is a liar
‘Cause, what I’m looking at right now
Would make a big girl cry


So fasten up your seatbelt
It’s gon’ be a bumpy ride


I’m tellin’ you
Look at you
Be my sweetie
Be my honey tonight

‘Cause you’re beautiful
Out out
You’re some kind of fine

(Drop dead)

Inside out, out… out-out, out; out.

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