Now Prosing: “Shot You Down” – Florrie

This is just… quite good really – in, many many ways; albeit, many simplistic ways, but simplistic ways necessary in an otherwise unnecessarily muddled music scene… Check out Florrie’s latest: “Shot You Down”

Nice progression, smooth – milk smooth #isthataphrase – bass riding through the track. I’m obviously a fiend for most electro-acoustic hybrids – by that I mean, any melodic melange capable of bringing out the best of synthesized effects in tandem with (not drowning out or exploitatively distorting #notinthegooddistortionway acoustic instrumentation) and the soul of live instruments. I’m even more fiendish for that most tangible and raw of instruments – los tambores, le batterie, الطبول, Gǔ, – the drums.

Needless to say this subtle – but oh so signature swelter of the summer – proper debut single from Florrie is … quite nice, like afternoon tea if it tasted like R&B… a splash of sugary synth, not American diabetic serving size, but enough to linger lightly but unforgettably on the palette… lyrical repetition, the silver spoon stirring endlessly, keeping the propulsion going… finally, the drums, the cream of the cup, fundamental but not basic, that rock solid stock.

The video, well, this little clip of cool resembles something along the lines of: on one hand, the familiarity of all the other black-and-white-with-a-white backdrop videos you may or may not have seen (see Chester French, Jet, Beyonce, Tyler the Creator (“that’s not entirely contextually accurate”)… ); and on the other, metallic pendulum balls, ebony and ivory liquid cascades, one-moment-noir-next-moment-dairy covered figures #milksmooth, and – of course – the live drummer center scene, reminiscent of another more distinct black-and-white contempo cut from the home of Hov – along the lines of… On to the Next, London:” super swingin’ sixties chic. I’m a fan of the interspersed color-static cuts, for a debut single it makes me think there’s a lot more beneath the introductory surface – and I’ve rarely been one to argue with technicolour interference…

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